Alexis Semidey-Martinez ’21: A Scholar and an Athlete

Three years ago, Alexis Semidey-Martinez ’21 enrolled as a George School student. Since then, she has excelled in the classroom, earning Head of School and Honor Roll every term she has been at George School, and on the basketball court, where the senior Co-Captain helped the girls’ varsity basketball team achieve an overall record of 27 wins and 19 losses during her time. As she looks forward to graduation and playing basketball at Colby College next season, we asked Alexis to answer a few questions about her experience at George School and her college choice.

Question (Q): What did you like most about playing basketball at George School?

Answer (A): What I love most about playing basketball at George School, is the loving atmosphere created with my teammates and coaches over the years. The supporting coaching staff has pushed us as individuals to be our best selves which I feel has prepared me for my athletic career at the next level.

Q: How was having your sister, Sophia Martinez ’24, on the team this season?

A: Playing with my sister was awesome even if it was for a short time. I was able to watch her grow as a player and leader while finishing off my high school career. Playing with my sister which was something so important to me.

Q: What other sports have you played at GS?

A: I have played varsity volleyball during my freshman, sophomore, and junior year but then took the time to train for basketball after having committed this year.

Q: What have you enjoyed the most about being a student at George School?

A: I enjoy the academic rigors the school has to offer as well as the overall community here at GS. Even with the struggles of Covid-19 having an impact on schools, the GS community has remained connected with one another.

Q: What other colleges did you consider?

A: During my recruitment process, I had narrowed down my list based on interests and my love for the college and its coaching staff. When narrowing down my decision, I had heavily considered many other high academic schools aside from Colby such as Brown University, Oberlin College, Union College, and John Hopkins.

Q: Why did you choose Colby?

A: I had officially made my decision on committing to Colby College back in October because after getting a chance to speak with members of the Colby community, the team, and the coaching staff I knew it would be another home away from home, much like George school has been to me for the past three years. I wanted a school that would push me academically and athletically while also seeing myself enjoying the community that would be surrounding me for the next four years. When I had finally gotten the chance to visit the campus, I immediately knew Colby was the right place for me.

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