Amedeo Salamoni Draws Inspiration from Nature

Amedeo’s newest collection of innovative vessels was inspired by nature. (Photo courtesy of Amedeo Salamoni)

Amedeo Salamoni, ceramics and sculpture teacher, will display his latest collection of containers in the Class of 1956 Gallery in Mollie Dodd Anderson Library, starting Monday, December 4 through Thursday, February 8, 2018. His gallery talk and reception is planned for Thursday, February 8, 2018, from 3:00 to 5:00 p.m. The theme will be New Explorations: Works from my Sabbatical.

Amedeo’s newest collection of innovative vessels was inspired by nature. A feat which he said was made possible by taking a sabbatical. “I have a huge flower garden in Lancaster. I had a chance to see it in bloom this year. It is something I do not normally get to do because I am at the school.”

Seeing the beauty and color of the plants gave him an idea to create containers that would invoke a contrast against the beauty of the blooms. He said he spent less than a minute throwing most of the pieces, before spending more time cutting away, focusing on texture over form.

The result in the pieces is a rougher appearance than that of his commissioned works. Instead, this collection of vases and the clay used to make them allows for imperfections that would normally be processed out. “I wanted to see how the roughness and looseness looked against the really controlled.”

Amedeo shows a variety of pieces, including a display of small vases, each holding a single flower. Also displayed, are larger works such as a knee-high urn. Every vessel in the collection was made in a wood-fired kiln, with clay that he dug himself in Maryland.

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