Annika Crawford ’22 Receives First Prize at Congressional Art Competition

Annika Crawford ’22 received first prize for her oil on canvas painting titled Don’t Call on Me! at the 25th Annual High School Exhibition and Congressional Art Competition. Annika’s painting was among the sixteen George School student artworks that were selected by judges for the exhibit.

Annika said that winning first prize has been very validating and reaffirming to her as an artist. “Visual art has always been a private pursuit of mine, from the days I forfeited recess to draw on my clipboard, to this piece I painted during after school time in the art room,” said Annika who is a student with Jō Adachi in Advanced Painting & Drawing. “Though I have always been my most important critic, receiving serious outside recognition for the first time has been very encouraging to me. I am grateful to have my art given a platform and I am enjoyed and honored to represent the district.”

Student work was submitted to the exhibition by art teachers from seventeen high schools throughout Bucks County. The week-long gallery event was canceled due to the pandemic, but the Congressional Art entries were still selected and judged by the Bucks County Community College arts faculty. In addition to  Annika, the George School students whose artwork was selected were:

  • Anjali Kunnatha ’21, Painting & Drawing
  • Jillian Nord ’22, Advanced Painting & Drawing
  • Morris Chang ’21, Advanced Ceramics
  • Maya Ferguson ’23, Ceramics
  • Maia Hannah-Drullard ’23, Ceramics
  • Andrew Rogers ’23, Ceramics
  • Catherine Tatum ’20, Advanced Woodworking & Design
  • Long Pham ’20, Advanced Woodworking & Design
  • Phoebe Day ’20, Advanced Woodworking & Design
  • Ryan Tufford ’20, Graphic Design
  • Maisy Cadwallder ’20, Graphic Design
  • Nicholas Sun ’21, Graphic Design
  • Francisco Correia ’20, Advanced Photography
  • Mia Armbruster ’21, Digital Imaging & Design
  • Sophia Friedman ’21, Digital Imaging & Design

Annika’s work will be framed and entered in the National Congressional Art Competition in Washington, DC where it will hang in the Cannon Tunnel of the U.S. Capitol for a year.

Don’t Call on Me! by Annika Crawford '22
Untitled by Anjali Kunnatha ’21
Lost in a Melody by Jillian Nord ’22
Side-fired vase with shell pattern by Morris Chang ’21
By Maya Ferguson ’23
By Maia Hannah-Drullard ’23
By Andrew Rogers ’23
Cabinet by Catherine Tatum ’20
Cabinet by Long Pham ’20
Shelves by Phoebe Day ’20
Eureka Springs by Ryan Tufford ’20
Town of Elmira by Maisy Cadwallader ’20
New Taipei City by Nicolas Sun ’21
My Mother by Francisco Correira ’20
Feminine Dichotomy by Mia Armbruster '21
Self-Portrait: Catharsis by Sophia Friedman ’21
Slab Plate by Caroline Eagen
By Justin Luicopy
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