Freshman Boys Soccer


Boys Soccer Coaches

Paul Machemer ’65
Varsity Head Coach
AB Amherst College
MEd Harvard University

“I love to teach. Soccer, with its many levels of understanding, provides a perfect medium for teachers to hone their craft and understanding. (Perhaps the best teacher I have known in a lifetime of great teachers is Graham Ramsay, a brilliant soccer man to whom I owe so much.) I firmly believe that every player can get better and I enjoy trying to find ways to unlock their abilities. Of course we like to win championships, but a season will be a success if we improve as a team.”

Robert Machemer ’92 
Varsity Assistant Coach
BA Amherst College

Ben Smith ’91 
Varsity Assistant/Goalie Coach
BS University of Oregon

Glenn Curry 
Junior Varsity Head Coach
BA Temple University

“As a George School coach, I work to put our athletes in positions where they can enjoy success. This means preparing them with the basic fundamental skills, strategies, and fitness levels required to compete. Once this is achieved, we move on to cultivating more advanced skills. During most practices, I ask my teams to work at game speed so that practice can substitute for actual game experience. This approach has helped the boys I have coached to be very successful in terms of wins and losses. More importantly it has helped them to have fun while learning about the sport and what it takes to be a member of a successful team.”

Walter Stephenson ’08
Freshmen Head Coach
BS University of Delaware

Carter Sio ’76
Developmental Head Coach
BA Marlboro College
Kirby Studios

“I played varsity soccer my junior and senior years at George School, starting at striker both years. I also ran track for three years. I have coached freshman boys soccer, co-coached cross country for ten years, and I now co-coach boys developmental soccer.”

Pat Renshall 
Developmental Head Coach
BS Heriot-Watt University
Post Graduate Certificate, University of Bath, United Kingdom

“The goal is a lighthearted and low pressure approach to soccer with the aim of introducing the game to some students while allowing others to continue to build on existing skills. Players come to developmental soccer with a wide variety of experience. We put together a number of teams from within our squad and compete in an internal tournament for the title of World Champions of Devel. By the end of the program even the most inexperienced players have had a chance to enjoy success and work on personal fitness. I love coaching Devel because it is fun. (Cheesy, but true!)”

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