JV Baseball


Baseball Coaches

Vince Campellone
Varsity Co-Head Coach

“What I like best about baseball is that you get out of it however much you put into it; it’s a thinking man’s game. It’s not about being big like a football player—it is what is inside that counts. To me, the biggest lesson is the camaraderie you develop, the relationships formed while out on the field. If you have good chemistry with your team, you’re going to be alright all year long. You see the guys that played baseball coming back for the alumni games year after year. They’re friends for life.”

George Long
Varsity Co-Head Coach
BA Bucknell University
MAT The College of New Jersey

“I challenge our athletes to exceed their expectations for themselves. The philosophy is a teaching one: I enjoy watching our athletes exceed everyone’s expectations; getting them to strive for the A-grade in class and in athletics. I stress playing to perfection with the understanding that achieving perfection is impossible.”

Dylan Gleeson ’11
Junior Varsity Head Coach


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