JV Boys Tennis


Boys Tennis Coaches

Pacho Gutierrez ’77
Varsity Head Coach
BA Earlham College

“Having had such a great experience at George School as a student-athlete, I like coaching because I like giving back to the school and continuing the George School athletic tradition. You see a lot of former sports players at George School returning to the school to coach, and I think that speaks volumes to the unique athletic experience the school offers. What keeps me coaching, though, is the connection I develop with the athletes. There is a transcendent connection between athletes in the pursuit of a common goal that’s very different from that achieved in a classroom.

Tennis is definitely one of the more cerebral sports. Athletes must constantly refine their skills and tinker with their technique. Tennis is fun to teach from a technical point of view but it’s also fun because you’re teaching the athletes a life sport, something they’ll be able to play for the rest of their lives.”

Glenn Curry
Varsity Assistant Coach, Developmental Coach
BA Temple University

“As a George School coach, I work to put our athletes in positions where they can enjoy success. This means preparing them with the basic fundamental skills, strategies, and fitness levels required to compete. Once this is achieved, we move on to cultivating more advanced skills. During practices, I ask my teams to work at game speed so that practice can substitute for actual game experience. This approach has helped the boys I have coached to be very successful in terms of wins and losses. More importantly, it has helped them to have fun while learning about the sport and what it takes to be a member of a successful team.”

Kai Faris
Junior Varsity Head Coach

Walter Stephenson ’08
Junior Varsity Assistant, Developmental Coach
BS University of Delaware

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