JV Girls Lacrosse


Girls Lacrosse Coaches

Nancy Bernardini
Varsity Head Coach
BS Ursinus College

“I love coaching because I have the opportunity to develop not only an athlete’s skills, but their confidence and character as well. I believe that players should love what they are doing, so I try to share my passion for lacrosse. I want my players to believe in themselves and in their teammates. When one is confident, one will do so much more in the long run. I want my players to come together as a team, as the team as a whole will achieve more than any individual play. It is my hope that players love what they do and who they play with every day in practice and in games. I expect my players to work hard, be competitive, leave it all on the field during the game, keep their head up high, and be proud of the journey they take. Lacrosse is a wonderful team sport!”

Therese O'Connell
Varsity Assistant Coach

Polly Lodge
Junior Varsity Head Coach

“I love coaching lacrosse because it draws on skills from many sports. It combines the excitement of basketball, the running of soccer, the throwing of softball, and the passing of field hockey. Defense in lacrosse is much like that in other sports, and demands good marking, field sense, and anticipation. Athletes from various sports can transfer their skills when learning the game. After a few weeks, new players find themselves passing, shooting, and intercepting. If an athlete has speed or endurance, this is an asset to the team. Making a great catch or a series of good passes can look and feel like graceful ballet. Working with girls to learn the game is rewarding for me as they develop self confidence and trust in one another. Being on the team is a wonderful opportunity to make friends, get fit, and spend the spring afternoons outdoors.”

John Kenrick
Junior Varsity Assistant Coach

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