Varsity Girls Tennis


Girls Tennis Coaches

Chéri Mellor
Varsity Head Coach
BA, MA Middlebury College

“I love coaching because I love the opportunity to see the whole student, both academically and athletically. Tennis is a great sport in its many elements of skill and conditioning as well as its multiple levels of satisfaction. It’s an individual sport that really works to build a team, by doing your best individually but also contributing to the team as a whole. On the court, I advocate focus and teach that hard work is even more important than skill level. You’ll see kids win match after match, not for raw ability, but because of determination and sheer stubbornness. In that way, I encourage the athletes to take ownership of their own progress. When possible, I’ll ask them what they want to work on. We work a lot on strategy and putting ourselves in game situations, thinking about what we’d do and how we’d play. Above all, I emphasize fun. I want athletes to enjoy themselves and develop a love for the sport. Tennis is a great life sport, one that athletes can really take with them and continue to play and enjoy far beyond their high school years.”

Lyman Castle
Varsity Assistant Coach
BA St. Lawrence University
MEd University of Vermont

Jim Dalo
Junior Varsity Head Coach

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