Keeping the George School Community Connected

Students, faculty, and staff are finding creative ways to have fun during the current quarantine. Students living on campus are learning new skills from their dorm parents. Check out some of the activities that keep our George School community connected.

The Virtual Classroom: Fran Bradley Shares Lessons from Cuba

Cuba expert and retired George School History Teacher, Fran Bradley joined Ben Croucher’s IB HL History Class for an insightful Q&A session over Zoom. Fran took his first group of George School students to Cuba to visit a Quaker community in 1978.

The Virtual Classroom: Crushing it from Home

All freshman Chemistry classes presented “Kitchen Chemistry” projects to demonstrate gas law concepts to their classmates. From “The Can Crusher,” to the classic “Mentos and Diet Coke,” Students in Alyssa McGarvey’s class used an online platform called VoiceThread to share their work.

You’re Invited to George School’s Virtual First Look

On Saturday, May 16th, prospective students and their families are invited to attend a Virtual “First Look” at George School. This event will feature a live panel with current George School students, faculty members, and the Admissions team.

The Virtual Classroom: A (New) Creative Process

Devin Vandenberg ’23 shared her recent virtual learning experience using online platforms, such as the video game Minecraft, for her Stagecraft class. Scott Crandall first asked his students to pick a play that intrigues them. From there, students discussed the different elements of the play—lighting, objects, sounds, visuals, props, and more. After identifying those elements, they began building sets designs.

Meg Hagele ’88 Discusses Pandemic Losses

In a time of excruciating loss for small businesses, Meg Hagele ’88 worrying most for her employees. Meg was recently interviewed about her two High Point Café locations and her experience so far in this pandemic.

Scott Seraydarian ’90 Publishes First Book

Dive into the new mysterious world of The Pathfinder’s Society imagined and written by George School film teacher Scott Prescott Seraydarian ’90 and Francesco Sedita. Follow five new friends at summer camp through twists and turns as they discover a secret path that leads to a legendary treasure.

Zoom Cooking Competition

Students participated in a Chopped-style cooking competition from all over the globe and right on campus via Zoom video chat over the weekend of April 18-19, 2020. Much like the TV show, participants had a list of ‘must-use’ ingredients from a “Pandemic Pantry Market Basket.”

The Virtual Classroom: Media Literacy

Accepted students were invited to attend a virtual class on Media Literacy taught by Meredith Alford ’01, History and IB Global Politics teacher, and Scott Seraydarian ’90, Film teacher.  Media Literacy and Production, a new cross-discipline course at George School, is framed around the query: How can I use media to improve the world in which I live?

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