Bonaire: June 13, 2019

Today was a fun and informative day for me— it was the day that I made my first dive as a certified diver.

It did not start well at first because I was so confident that I descended way too fast. I didn’t think it was a big deal until Chris explained that I could have ruined the whole dive for everyone if I had gone below the depth limit, which thankfully I wasn’t. This made me realize how my own carelessness could have negatively affected everyone else’s plan.

After that I followed instructions and we all had a great dive. That afternoon we met with Caroline from Clean Coast Bonaire to learn about the trash around Bonaire. I didn’t believe there would be so much trash because of how well the beach and the reef here are protected. That changed after we met with Caroline and did a beach cleanup right afterwards. The number of discarded cigarette butts we found in the first 30 minutes were in the hundreds, along with many other types of trash like bottle caps, plastic, etc.

After the beach cleanup we had a chance to either go diving or snorkeling. I chose snorkeling this time and honestly, I had a blast. Many people would think that diving is always the obvious choice, but snorkeling is so much more relaxing to me and still gives you the ability to look at the beauty of the marine life. Also, I think snorkeling helps you to appreciate diving more because diving enables you to be so up close with the beauty that you can only see from a distant while snorkeling.

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