Day 6, Montreal

We traveled to Québec City after four days of busy service in Montréal. The trip from Montreal to Québec City takes around two and a half hours. Most of the group members were able to take a nap during the trip so that they can conserve some energy for afternoon activities. One significant difference after arriving at Québec City that I have observed is how the language of the signs change. In Montréal, there is a number of signs that are written in English. However, there is hardly anything that is written in English in Québec City. There was not even an English menu in the restaurant where I had lunch today. During lunch time, the group was able to do some shopping and have lunch at a large shopping mall in the downtown area. After moving into the new house that we live in, we took a brief rest and head directly to the old city area. Unlike the modern, tall buildings in Montréal, buildings in Québec City are more similar to the ones in Europe and have a more classical structure than the ones in Montréal. One of the most grandiose buildings that I saw today was Château Frontenac in the downtown area. There are also many statues situated around the castle, possibly to commemorate its creator. There are many signs of cultural influence in the old city: the ubiquitous French signs, the French architectural designs, etc. In today’s brief exploration of the old city, we found some restaurants, a few souvenir shops and an art store. I feel very tired as the day comes to an end. Still, I am exhilarated for tomorrow’s visit to the museums and to learn more about the history about the city.

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