Last day in Matanzas

Today , I woke up to the sounds of a rooster and the oinking of pigs. Everyone got ready for breakfast. We had eggs with bread and butter. After that, we had to get ready to go to the garden.

This is our second day taking weeds out of a garden. Although the sun beamed down, Ileabeth’s music playlist and conversation with friends made the experience a lot easier. After we finished with the weeds, we piled them in a stack so they could be burned.

After, we ate lunch at Le Fettuccine. The pasta was amazing. The bus took us back to the hotel, and it was time to get ready for Roxanna and Fernando’s wedding. In 2015, Roxana studied for one year at GS. The church was decorated really nicely. The bride and groom looked stunning. Although I understood only 75 percent of what was said, I enjoyed the ceremony a lot. When Roxanna threw the bouquet, I caught it. The view was amazing. Looking out at the ocean, colorful houses, and birds in the sky made the experience all the better.

Tomorrow we are off to Holguín which is the final destination of the service trip. We will be on the bus all day so we won’t be able to blog tomorrow. We’ll try to blog on Sunday.

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