Last full day in Havana

Today, as yesterday, we went to the Senior Living Home. There, we continued our work painting the walls and making the home nicer for the seniors to live in. One of the things that stood out to me was a woman, old and with little mobility, who continued to sing in the face of everything she faced. Even as she was struggling, she sung to the entire room, trying to cheer everyone up. She continued to meet the day head on, with a smile on her face, and persist in her attempt to make life better for those around her. This stalwart rebellion against her situation in life spoke to me, and made me look at the world in a brighter way, in a way that would let me take joy in singing as my greatest solace.

After we finished in the Senior Living Home, we returned to the Consejo de Iglesias to continue our work around the church. We split into two groups, with the boys touching up the painting that the girls started, and we all worked on yesterday, while the girls planted new ferns and other medicinal plants around the building. From there, we returned to the park that we were at yesterday and continued to play with the family that we met yesterday. When we returned for dinner, we went back to the restaurant, Fress, that we ate at two nights before. There, we had a great dinner, gabbed away, and ate far too much ice cream. We then returned, walking our way back, talking the entire way, to rest and to prepare for our trip to Matanzas tomorrow.

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