Montreal Day 2–More Chocolate

Today was our first service day, where we spent the majority of our day working at Moisson Montréal, a food bank dedicated to helping and making people’s lives easier by preparing them food that would otherwise have been thrown away by supermarkets. After arriving at Moisson Montréal we were shown an introductory/safety video and were told the reason behind and beginning of their food bank. Safety was an important aspect since the majority of the people working there were volunteers, which included wearing steel tips on our shoes for protection. Our group was assigned to pack multiple different chocolate mixes into smaller boxes to be later distributed to people who can’t afford it otherwise. It was a very large amount of chocolate that we packed that would have otherwise been thrown out because they weren’t bought within a certain amount of time to stay fresh. Throughout the day we made our assignment into a game/competition, as we tried to fill as many boxes as possible in the fastest amount of time (which got very stressful as many in our group are quite competitive, in a friendly way.)

We managed to pack a lot of boxes during our time, and although our hands and feet were hurting, we kept going, knowing that the more boxes we packed the more people we helped. We definitely got a few stares as we chaotically packed those boxes as fast as we could, however, they all seemed to enjoy us as we “demanded” more chocolate.

I think we can all agree that our service day was a successful one, but now we are very tired, longing for our beds.

Thank you,


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