Ninth Day of West Virginia Service Trip

It was the second day on the second site. The crew was split into two separate groups each working on different projects and different parts of the house. One group was with Rick and they were finishing the siding on one side of the house. When we were done with applying the siding, we moved to adding another J channel, that way we could apply a roof or barrier from the under side of the roof from the real world. They had holes in it so that way the wood would be able to breath. We had successfully finished J channeling and applying siding to one side of the house.

The new goal is to apply siding and a J channel to the opposite side of the house. This time, we won’t have to rely on ladders because we built scaffolding so that we could have a platform to stand on while we were working. We started working on the second side but it wasn’t exactly as easy as we thought it would be, since there were a plenty of spiders and other unwanted bugs. The second group  helped out with the porch out front. They installed girders and cut beams for the foundation. Creating these beams took a couple steps. This included measuring, marking, sawing, and grinding the planks.

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