Celebration for Accepted Students Welcomes Visitors to Campus

The exciting day concluded with a community-wide celebration on South Lawn.

George School welcomed 149 accepted students and 243 guests to campus for its annual Celebration for Accepted Students (CAS) on Tuesday, April 3 and Thursday, April 5, 2018. Visitors from PA, NJ, NY, DE, VA, MD, DC, FL, MO, GA, IL, Canada, Jamaica, India, and China had the chance to get a glimpse of what life is like at George School.

Head of School Sam Houser started off each day by welcoming guests, introducing them to meeting for worship, and providing overviews of the day’s activities in the meetinghouse.

Students also had the opportunity to shadow current students, sit in on classes, and experience what it is like to learn at George School. During CAS, parents received an overview of the Mollie Dodd Anderson (MDA) Library and its learning resources, study hall, research support, and more. Administrators and staff also shared details about George School’s academic offerings with parents.

An Athletic, Arts, and Student Life Fair was held in the Fitness and Athletics Center that parents were able to attend. Coaches, faculty, and students were available to answer questions and provide tours of the campus. Panels held during the fair focused on answering questions about boarding and day student life.

“I volunteered to host a prospective student because my tour guide helped me fall in love with GS,” said TK Mpela ’20.

The exciting day concluded with a community-wide celebration on South Lawn. Prospective students were able to take photos with the Cougar, get George School t-shirts, enjoy a DJ, and participate in a variety of lawn games. Rita’s Water Ice was also offered to all.

Alicia Pagan, a prospective student, enjoyed learning about George School’s welcoming community, going to classes, and attending meeting for worship during CAS. “Meeting for worship was very calm, relaxing, and a nice time to reflect. I think it will be a great asset to my life,” she said.

Alicia’s favorite part of CAS was getting more familiar with the community. “Everyone was kind, friendly, and welcoming today. I really like how accepting and open-minded the community is, and how everyone greets one another and says hello,” said Alicia. “George School is not like many other schools you encounter.”

Dayla Fitts, another prospective student was able to shadow Alex Long ’20, who plays basketball and soccer just like her. “I also liked getting to meet all of the students who could be going to school with me next year,” said Dayla.

Jake Maglio enjoyed the shadowing experience and learning about what his day to day schedule could be like. “My other favorite part was meeting for worship,” said Jake. “It was impactful to hear students talk about their own GS experience, and seeing where they were then, and where they are now,” said Jake.

Prospective boarding students were invited to stay overnight and explore Newtown and some of the local eateries close to campus.

Rohan Arjun ’05, director of admission, and the entire Admission team were thrilled with the success of CAS and how it brought the community together. “We tried something new and bold this year with CAS. It required a full community effort,” said Rohan. “It provided students and parents an opportunity to experience GS firsthand through the eyes of current students, parents, faculty, and staff and allowed families an opportunity to make an informed decision before saying Yes to GS.”

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