Celeste Huang-Menders Launches Share Some Care

Hopewell siblings, from left, Alexander Huang-Menders, Celeste Huang-Menders, and Christian Huang are the team behind ShareSomeCare.com, a website they developed to match supplies needed in the COVID-19 crisis with organizations that need them. (Photo courtesy of the family)

Celeste Huang-Menders ’22, along with her siblings Alexander Huang-Menders and Christian Huang, have created a new website ShareSomeCare.com in response to the current global pandemic. The website serves to connect businesses and individuals that have excess supplies, ranging from gloves and face masks to hospital gowns and food, with local service providers in need. The site aims to help not only healthcare workers, but also first responders, social services, educational services, and other essential businesses.

In a recent interview with the Princeton community newspaper Town Topics, Celeste said that the website came about when “we realized individuals and businesses have available resources that could be donated immediately.” She added that “it’s a site to connect donors like nail salons and restaurants, which can give their resources to hospitals and first responders.”

While Celeste and her family are based in New Jersey, the site is set up so that it can help workers and businesses throughout the country. To request supplies, you simply register your company, enter the supplies needed, and provide drop off instructions. To share supplies, you can search by your location to see different places in need in your local community. According to NJ.com, the website has already generated traffic nationwide.

“For this project, it was extremely important to bring people together,” said Celeste to NJ.com. She went on to say, “I think the major issue is that with the restrictions of physical interactions, there is a distance between the people that want to help and the people that need help. I don’t think people recognize the extent of all of the places that could benefit from the resources.” Celeste’s sentiment of finding ways to be a community even while we have to be physically apart should resonate with all of us at this time.

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