Changes to Housing Structure Announced

Dorm heads recently announced that the 2018–2019 school year will bring some changes to the housing structure at George School.

The 2018–2019 school year will bring some changes to the housing structure at George School. Some dorms will house freshmen, sophomores, and in some cases, junior students together. Other dorms will house mainly junior and senior students, and in some cases sophomores as well.

“Dorm heads have been working with dorm staff, faculty, student council, and others to devise a plan to give our boarding students the best residential experience possible,” said Julia Nickles ’03, head of Central Main.

With the new model, students have the option to live in the same dormitory for multiple years, fostering deeper and more productive relationships between their peers and dorm staff.

“Allowing the students to stay in the same dorm for more than one year creates an inclusive and close environment in which the residents can forge deeper relationships with people around them,” said current freshman David Xi ’21. “The new residents can look up to the older students in the dorm for guidance and advice. It will help everyone to grow and adapt much more quickly.”

“Current research is confirming what many of us who have worked with teenagers for a long time have sensed intuitively,” said Tom Hoopes ’83, Orton dorm head. “Having students of different ages together is better for everyone. Younger students learn more, and older students maintain more openness, which is now recognized as a key part of a ‘growth mindset.’”

This is not the first time George School is implementing this type of housing structure. Last summer, Drayton was subdivided into two smaller dorms, now known as Upper Drayton and Lower Drayton, serving sophomore, junior, and senior males. Learn more about that project here.

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