College Counseling Turns Students and Parents into Admission Counselors

On January 27, 2022 the George School College Counseling office hosted a Case Studies program, turning students and parents into college admission counselors for the evening.

“Our students got to experience being on the other side of the Admission table,” said Associate Director of College Counseling Rachael Polton. “Students, along with their parents and current Admission Counselors reviewed applications together and decided whether to waitlist, deny, or admit applications. It was a great exercise for our students and will certainly help as they work on their college applications.”

Eight current admission counselors representing Bates, Dickinson, Drexel, Emory, Gettysburg, Hobart & William Smith, Muhlenberg, and the University of Southern California worked with students and their parents in breakout rooms over Zoom. Prior to the program, participants were given three fictionalized applications and a profile for a fictionalized college. Together, the rooms discussed each application and school profile before making an admission decision.

“This was the best Zoom I have been on in a while,” said Maureen Petrosky p ’23. “It was so insightful, challenging, and enjoyable. So far, this college process really has been fun. They said it should be; I did not believe it, but we have actually been enjoying it.”

While students and families knew they were working with a current admission representative, counselors did not reveal the college or university they are associated with until the end of the program.

“The reps did such a thoughtful and helpful job walking our families through the application review process,” said Rachael.  “At the end of the event, they introduced themselves and where they work.”

“I learned so much about the admissions process,” said Jeanette Iglesias p ’23. “The George School College Counseling team is exceptional. I am so happy my son gets to benefit from their wisdom and guidance.”

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