Cougar Mathletes Defeat Princeton Day School 37-20

The George School math is undefeated in the preliminary rounds of the Mathematical Association of America's Math Madness competition. (Photo by Susan Quinn)

In their second competition of the fall 2018 season, the George School math team defeated the Princeton Day School team 37-20. Two members of the George School team scored a perfect 8/8 and three scored 7/8.

Faculty sponsor Kevin Moon hopes to see his team make it to the elite bracket this year. Current team members include Young He ’19, Forest Ho-Chen ’22, Leo Li ’20, Jason Liu ’22, Justin Liu ’21, Maksim Shi ’20, Spencer Stockhammer ’20, Tony Tian ’19, Tommy Wang ‘21, Anney Ye ’20, Ben Yu ’20, and Ellen Zhang ’21.

“The Math Madness competition helps students achieve ‘personal best’ milestones much like track events,” said Kevin. “Once students see they are getting better, it inspires improvement.”

Math Madness is a live online academic competition that challenges students to correctly answer seven to eight multiple choice and fill-in-the-blank questions that are aligned with traditional American Mathematics Competitions. Each team has thirty minutes to answer the questions. The team score is calculated by summing the top five individual scores of the members.

The competition takes place during the fall, and more than 500 high schools across the country compete in leagues of weekly competition followed by a single elimination bracket tournament. Teams are matched first by skill so that the competition is even and then by common time availability so that teams can play live where possible. Data from the two qualifying rounds are used to determine bracket assignments. The top sixty-four teams are assigned to the Title bracket.

For those of you mathletes reading this, try to answer this question:

Dan the wrestler has a particular morning workout. He has a box of 10 cards, numbered from 1 to 10. He picks a card at random and does the number of pushups on the card. Without replacing the card, he picks another card at random and does the number of pushups on that card. He continues with that routine until he has emptied the box of cards. If after a certain number of choices of cards, he has done 12 pushups, the probability, in a simplest form, that the next card will be a 7 is a/b. What is a+b?


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