Cougars 4-0 in Math Madness Competition

The 2018-2019 Math Team ended their Math Madness competition ranked twentieth in the nation.

The George School Math Team took on the Fremont High School Firebirds from Sunnyvale California in a live Math Madness competition on Thursday, October 31, 2019. It was a Halloween full of treats as the Cougars finished with a 37-26 win and are now 4-0 and ranked fourteenth in the nation.

The Firebirds jumped out to an early lead and the score was 6-4 after two minutes. They continued to build their lead over the next two minutes, and the Cougars were down 14-11. The Cougars took note, dug deep, and fought back to tie the score at 14 at the thirty-four-minute mark.

“We dropped by one (15-14), and then over the next minute and a half pulled ahead 21-19,” said Kevin Moon, Math Team coach. “Our team never looked back. Soon we were ahead 27-21, and then we pulled away to win 37-26. Their bench was not deep, and our bullpen did a great job in the final innings.”

Next up the Cougars are scheduled to play the Bearcats from San Mateo High School on Thursday, November 7, 2019.

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