Adv. Microcontroller Programming (Independent Study)

Advanced Microcontroller Programming is an applied science and mathematics course for students who, due to the independent nature of the course, are self-motivated and have a deep understanding of microcontroller programming, mathematics, and basic electronics. This is a project-oriented course and is largely driven by student interests.

In this course, students will continue their work from their Physical Computing & Robotics class and dive deeper into programming a microcontroller using the Arduino C language. One goal of the course is to broaden students’ programming horizons by introducing them to several additional programming platforms.

Through independent study, students will also delve more deeply into new programming topics and microelectronics, providing valuable hands-on experiences with circuit board design creating one’s own sensors, and further integration of electronics theory with microcontroller analog-to-digital operations.

Student progress will be assessed via work on one or more projects throughout the year. Project ideas will be formulated by the students. A faculty member will oversee the project(s) and provide support when necessary. Students and their faculty mentor should set aside a mutually agreed upon time to meet every other week to monitor progress. External assessment and feedback may also be sought in the form of robotic competitions and contests around the country. Projects may include, but are not limited to, autonomous open terrain navigation using a 4-wheeled vehicle, environmental sensing, robot soccer, robotic firefighting, planetary exploration, and search & rescue.

This course may only be taken as a 7th course.