Adv. Programming (Independent Study)

Advanced Programming Languages and Techniques is an applied science and mathematics course for students who, due to the independent nature of the course, are self-motivated and already have a deep understanding of programming. Experience with a programming language such as C, C++, Arduino C, Visual Basic, and/or Python is required for enrollment in this course. The goal of the course is to broaden the student’s horizons in computer science. Students may continue their work in a language in which they are familiar, or they may dive into other languages.

This is a project-oriented course and is largely driven by student interests. It is not an introductory programming course, nor does it formally cover information technologies such as word processing, spreadsheet manipulation, or Power Point design. There is little formal lecturing, placing the emphasis on student-driven, inquiry-based learning.

Student progress will be assessed via work on one or more projects throughout the year. Project ideas will be formulated by the students. A faculty member will oversee the project(s) and provide support when necessary Students and their faculty mentor should set aside a mutually agreed upon time to meet every other week to monitor progress.

This course may only be taken as a 7th course.