Advanced Dance Studies & Performance

This course is a continuation of the first core sequence in dance studies. Students continue to expand their dance repertoire with the addition of a performance element. A typical 3-mod sequence of classes consists of 1 mod of Contemporary Dance, 1 mod of the Advanced Performance Ensemble, and 1 choice mod of Jazz, Ballet or a second mod of Contemporary. Additional mods of any dance class may be taken if desired, and students may repeat individual mods or the entire course for credit.

The Advanced Performance Ensemble mod takes students through the process of preparing for and presenting a dance concert. Students will be challenged to choreograph and dance in their own work to be auditioned for inclusion in the dance concert. In addition, they will perform in the teacher-choreographed pieces. The concert is the culmination of a term of work and is presented to the public as two performances on the stage in Walton Auditorium.

The Jazz mod includes a variety of jazz styles, both historical and contemporary. It emphasizes strength, isolations, syncopated rhythms, and precision. Classes begin with warm-up exercises and then move to across-the-floor work. Students utilize skills and techniques to learn choreography devised for a variety of music styles. This mod is also open to students who have completed at least two credits in Dance Studies (ARP110A).

See Dance Studies (ARP110A) for descriptions of Contemporary Dance and Ballet mods.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-5.0