Advanced Photography 1-3

Technical skills acquired in Photography are further refined. In addition, experimental techniques are introduced, ranging from historic and antique processes to digital imaging. Students experiment with studio lighting, digital imaging, non-silver processes, hand-coloring, toning, and mixed-media. Participation in class critiques is required as images created by students are analyzed for aesthetic, conceptual, and theoretical concerns. The latter part of the course is focused on portfolio development as students work to develop their individual voice through the photographic medium. Student work is entered in regional and international photography contests and exhibited throughout the year in the George School galleries. Since the curriculum changes every year, students are encouraged to take this class more than once. Materials for this course may be purchased in the school bookstore. Since technical difficulties could arise that require students to spend free periods in the photo lab, students taking an overload are advised against taking this course. This course may be taken as an Advanced Placement course in the senior year or with special permission from the instructor. Students may take this course in their junior and senior years as an IB Visual Art. Please see the IB Visual Arts and AP Studio Art descriptions for more information.

Open to: Sophomores, juniors, and seniors