Advanced Studio: Painting & Drawing

The focus of this course is developing and completing a comprehensive body of work consisting of paintings and drawings that address a centralized theme with a written artist statement. Throughout the course, students advance and evolve their aesthetic, concept, personal ideas, and technical skills. Students are responsible for developing their portfolios by creating works that reflect their own individual voices. The instructor gives brief lectures and conducts demonstrations as needed. In addition, the instructor offers individual guidance through one-on-one discussion with each student as projects are developed. The development of the student’s body of work culminates in an independent exhibition at George School. An ability to work independently on art projects is essential in this class. Students are required to maintain a sketchbook and to work outside of class. Prior experience with a wide range of art materials is expected to showcase a quality portfolio.

This course may be taken more than once. In any year in which they take this course, students must register for at least 2 credits. Those who want more terms to develop a comprehensive body of work are welcome to register for more.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 2.0-6.0