AP Studio Art

Juniors and seniors may take AP Studio Art as part of Advanced Graphic Design, Digital Imaging and Design, Advanced Photography, Advanced Painting and Drawing II, III, or Senior Studio in Painting and Drawing courses. An ability to work independently on art projects is essential in this intensive class.

The AP Studio Art Exam consists of a comprehensive portfolio that addresses three components: Quality, Concentration, and Breadth. In the Quality section, five actual works that demonstrate the highest quality of work will be submitted by mail to the college board. In the Concentration section, students will submit twelve digital images of their body of work with a centralized theme. In the Breadth section, students will submit twelve digital images of their works demonstrating an understanding of a variety of visual art issues. Five works for the Quality section may be chosen from Concentration or Breadth. Due to the rigorous requirements, students will be required to have a strong portfolio before enrolling in this course. Students are required to maintain a sketchbook, create summer work and work outside of class.

Open to: Juniors and seniors