Athletic Team Sports

Athletics are an integral part of the George School experience. George School teams play many area Quaker schools in the Friends Schools League and other local public and independent schools. Participation on a team builds community spirit by providing an ideal arena for students to learn and understand the values of cooperation, sharing, teamwork, sportsmanship, motivation, responsibility, respect, and discipline. Students learn what it means to work towards a common goal. The athletic experience is a wonderful opportunity for coaches and athletes to develop positive and rewarding relationships. George School provides numerous sports at varying levels of competition for students to find success.

Term 1 Sports
Girls: Cross Country (Varsity, JV), Field Hockey (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Soccer (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Tennis (Varsity, JV), Volleyball (Varsity, JV)

Boys: Cross Country (Varsity, JV), Football (Varsity, JV), Soccer (Varsity, JV, Freshman, Developmental)

Coed: Cheerleading (Varsity), Equestrian (Varsity, JV, Developmental)*

Term 2 Sports
Girls: Basketball (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Swimming (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Boys: Basketball (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Swimming (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Coed: Winter Cheerleading (Varsity), Wrestling (Varsity, JV)

Term 3 Sports
Girls: Lacrosse (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Softball (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Boys: Baseball (Varsity, JV), Lacrosse (Varsity, JV, 3rd Team), Tennis (Varsity, JV, Developmental), Track (Varsity)

Coed: Equestrian (Varsity, JV, Developmental)*, Golf (Varsity)*

*additional fee