Audio Recording & Music Production and Advanced Audio Recording & Music Production

Using industry-standard equipment and protocols, students in this course learn to creatively control their ideas in the recording and music production process. In the first mod, students explore the physics of sound and consider how sound is produced and amplified through the use of microphones in a variety of environments. Students are also introduced to the digital audio software ProTools and use it to complete an audio mixing project. In the second mod, students learn to creatively shape sound by using equalizers and dynamics processor. They are also introduced to the concept of the signal chain and learn to use automation to increase efficiency. In the third mod, students explore time delay effects and are introduced to the basics of audio mastering. In a culminating project, students work through the recording, mixing, and mastering stages to produce a full track.

This course may be split across two years. Students who have taken the full sequence once have the option to take any or all mods once more as Advanced Audio Recording.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0