Cognitive Neurology

This semester course delves into underlying questions regarding our evolution, behavior, and perception. Students explore some of the questions regarding the way we, as a species, perceive, behave, and respond to the world around us, challenging themselves to look for connections. As they search for a deeper understanding of the scientific principles covered, students examine the validity of the theories presented to them about how the brain works. Specific topics covered include cognitive biases, the limbic system, memory, visual perception and processing, and some interesting cognitive disorders that give us a window into the inner workings of the brain.

Students are expected to write thorough reflections from readings, discussions, and lab activities. Among the thought-provoking readings for this course are challenging technical articles and Rita Carter’s Mapping the Mind. One major oral presentation is required.

This course fulfills 1 credit of the life science requirement.

Open to: Juniors and seniors