Dance Studies & Performance Art 1-6

In Dance 1, a fundamental knowledge of dance vocabulary, basic steps, and body mechanics is developed. Attention is placed on proper body alignment, movement efficiency, strength, and flexibility. Students learn to combine basic steps into movement phrases, to dance to a variety of tempos, and to work in a range of styles. The basics of dance composition are also explored, along with creative movement and performance preparation. As students progress through the dance program, there is increased emphasis on kinesthetics and the development of core strength. Movement combinations increase in length and technical difficulty as students become more familiar with adagio and petit allegro and are better able to incorporate increased use of jumps and turns. Students explore effort/shape concepts, dynamics, rhythm, gesture, and motivation in relation to dance composition and do increasingly sophisticated choreographic projects. All dance students participate in a staged performance during the course of the year, which requires rehearsal time outside of class.

Students with previous experience in dance can prepare for an IB dance exam by taking Dance 2 or higher in both 11th and 12th grades.

Open to: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors