Dance Studies

The study of dance is expressive human movement that unites the physical with the intellectual and the emotional with the spiritual. It utilizes the body as a means of communication and has the power to unify people across boundaries of language, cultures, and other divisionary lines. Dance Studies aims to strengthen and develop the dancer’s instrument. Areas of focus include: dance vocabulary, styles and techniques, safe and effective use of the body, and basic elements of choreography. Students in this course are required to take a 3-mod core sequence, consisting of 2 mods in Contemporary Dance and 1 mod in Ballet. Students taking this course for a second time may add Jazz as a 4th mod of the core sequence if desired. See individual course descriptions below.

Contemporary dance is an important genre of dance performed in societies around the world. It trains and encourages dancers to be versatile in their expressions and to be able to portray a wide variety of movement styles and emotions. Primary areas of focus include: spatial and body awareness, flexibility in the use of the body, efficiency of muscular usage, safe body alignment, and musicality.

The Ballet mod is designed to develop awareness of alignment and basic ballet vocabulary and technique through barre work, center, and across-the-floor exercises. It emphasizes movement quality, carriage of upper body, core and leg strength, and flexibility.

The Jazz mod includes a variety of jazz styles, both historical and contemporary. It emphasizes strength, isolations, syncopated rhythms, and precision. Classes begin with warm-up exercises and then move into across-the-floor work. Students utilize skills and techniques to learn choreography devised for a variety of music styles.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 3.0-4.0