Feminist Spirituality

This one-term course explores topics in theology and spirituality through a feminist lens. Students consider texts from several religious traditions, including Judaism, Christianity, Buddhism, Quakerism, Islam, Hindu and Wiccan/Goddess. The goal of this course is to support and nurture students’ spiritual curiosity and development, by grounding it in some of the perspectives that have re-interpreted patriarchal language and imagery about the nature of the divine, and the metaphysical powers of the universe. Students consider questions and insights that arise for them in relation to the reading, discussions, and their journaling and in connection with topics they are exploring in other courses, and in their lives outside of the classroom. Questions to be explored include: What is “feminism”? Who/what is “God?” What have been some of the different manifestations of the divine, and how does gender identity connect with them? Where are women in religious histories and stories? What are some of the gender-prescribed roles in various religions? What happened to the ancient goddesses and goddess religions?

Open to: Juniors and seniors