Film 1: Fundamentals

Film 1 is comprised of 2 foundation-building production classes, designed to develop an introductory overview of film as a unique creative medium. This production-based class will introduce skills such as camera operation and composition, story development, project planning, editing, and sound. In addition to film-making skills, students will also acquire a basic vocabulary for film analysis, enabling them to discern greater meaning and appreciation of film, leading them from passive movie “watchers” to active film “readers”.

As students acquire fundamental film knowledge, they are encouraged to think like filmmakers learning skills that will help them translate raw ideas into successful films. Limited-scale exercises help students develop the skills necessary to complete longer, and more complex projects in higher-level classes. Since this is a performing art, students are expected to produce work that will be screened at the George School Film Festival. In addition, they may be expected to attend theatrical film screenings on campus and off.

Students must progress through both mods in sequential order before advancing to higher-level film classes.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-2.0