Film Production 1

In this foundation-building course, students engage in a variety of exercises designed to develop fundamental knowledge and a basic understanding of film production. Skills covered include camera operation, story development, basic shot composition, project planning as well as scheduling, editing, and post-production work. In addition to film production skills, students will acquire a basic vocabulary for film analysis, enabling them to discern greater meaning and appreciation of film as a communicative medium. This is intended to lead students from passive movie watchers to active film readers. As students acquire the fundamental knowledge and skills of filmmaking, they will move into a creative producer role where they will learn to translate their ideas into successful films. Limited-scale exercises in Semester 1 will build abilities for longer, and more complex projects in Semester 2. All students will be expected to produce work that will be shown in the all-school George School Film Festival. In addition, they will be expected to attend a theatrical film screening one weekend a month on campus.

Open to: Freshmen, sophomores, juniors, and seniors