Film Production 2

Film 2 is a highly collaborative, workshop-based class in which students expand their knowledge of film production and analysis and improve on the skills developed in Film Production 1. The focus is on the five primary production roles: directing, editing, writing, sound, and cinematography. Short, targeted assignments in the first term are designed to help students practice and refine their skills in these primary roles. As students build knowledge and expertise, assignments shift to more creative, open-ended projects in the second and third mods. Through the lens of Quakerism, students are expected to let their films speak and to submit at least one project to an external festival for outside consideration. In addition, students screen their work at the George School Film Festival. Students are also expected to attend theatrical film screenings both on campus and off.

Students must progress through the mods in sequential order if they take more than one mod, though the progression may span multiple years.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 1.0-3.0