Functions, Trigonometry & Statistics

This exploration-based class focuses on a different mathematical theme each term and includes real-world applications of the skills developed. During the first term, students review and extend the study of functions and relations begun in Algebra 2, with particular attention to translations and transformations of polynomial, exponential, and logarithmic functions. The second term is devoted to trigonometry, including radian measure, the unit circle, the graphs of the six circular functions, and translations and transformations of these graphs. The third term provides an introduction to probability and statistics. The class explores permutations and combinations, games of chance, independent events, and conditional probability. Techniques of descriptive statistics are discussed, including stem and leaf plots, box and whisker diagrams, frequency histograms, linear regression, correlation, and the normal curve. The pace is relaxed, yet purposeful. If a specific exploration is proving fruitful for a particular class, it might be extended even if that means not covering every topic on the original syllabus.

Open to: Juniors and seniors