Human Anatomy & Physiology

The yearlong Human Anatomy and Physiology takes a holistic and applied approach to introducing students to this exciting area of study. The course relies heavily on laboratory activities, as well as on selected readings and discussions that emphasize the interconnected nature of anatomy and physiology. Laboratories will include the dissection of preserved comparative anatomy specimens and the use of small Manikens® to support building anatomical structures with clay. The class also includes discussions of bioethics and conversations about various career paths related to anatomy and physiology. The class is appropriate for any student interested in pursuing a medical-related field of study, such as human and veterinary medicine, physical therapy, nursing, biomedical research and beyond. It is also appropriate for students who have an interest in anatomy and physiology as it applies to their own health and wellness.

Each unit emphasizes the relationship between structure and function as it applies to a particular topic. For example, the musculoskeletal, respiratory, and cardiovascular systems are taught in the context of exercise physiology and sports medicine. Other units include, but are not limited to, nutrition and our gastrointestinal microbiome; infectious diseases, vaccines, and the immune system; and reproduction in the age of genomics, epigenetics, and personalized medicine.

Open to: Juniors and seniors; other students with permission