IB Chinese Seminar

This class is conducted entirely in Chinese and active oral participation is key. Students use authentic Chinese-language materials such as articles, short stories, videos, websites, and feature-length films to explore a variety of topics relevant to life in China today. The specific topics vary from year to year so that students can take the class more than once without repeating material, but examples include education, environmental issues, changing demographics, government and politics, international relations, pop culture, online culture, and film. Typically four to six topics are covered in a year. Students are expected to debate, lead discussions, make oral presentations, write frequent short essays, do extensive research on a topic of their own choosing in contemporary Chinese life, and communicate the results of their research in both a longer paper and a multimedia-presentation.

While students enrolled in this course are not required to take an external exam, those in their first year of the course typically prepare for the IB SL Chinese B exam, while those in their second year typically prepare for the IB HL Chinese B exam or the AP Chinese Language and Culture exam.

A summer assignment is required in preparation for this course.

Open to: Juniors and seniors