IB Film

In this two-year course of study, students work both individually and in collaboration to experience the creative process as a way of learning to transform ideas into action through intellectual curiosity and creative thinking. The IB Film curriculum is designed to help students come to appreciate the value and importance of researching, creating, preparing and presenting, and critically reflecting as modes of learning and communicating. In the process, students gain a richer understanding of themselves, their personal cultural perspectives, and cultural ideas and practices in the global community. The assessments that together comprise the IB exam score are the Portfolio, the Comparative Study, the Textual Analysis, and the Collaborative Project.

For SL Film, students take 5 mods over two years, while HL Film students take 6 mods over two years. In addition, all IB arts students attend the IB Arts Block, which meets for 45 minutes weekly throughout the academic year. In 11th grade, both SL and HL Film students take the first two mods (Production Roles and Signal to Noise) of Advanced Film (ARP210D) and the Textual Analysis mod described below. It is recommended that the third mod (The Filmmaker’s Voice) of Advanced Film also be taken in 11th grade, but if it is impossible to fit into the 11th grade schedule, this mod can be postponed until 12th grade. In 12th grade, both SL and HL students repeat the Production Roles mod and HL students take the Collaborative Project mod described below. (IB students are welcome to take all three mods of Advanced Film in both 11th and 12th grades in addition to the IB-specific mod each year if their schedules allow.)

In the 11th grade IB mod, students complete the IB Textual Analysis essay, a 1750-word paper in which students explore how meaning is conveyed through the use of film elements in the chosen film text. Students develop film vocabulary and a broad knowledge of cultural contexts to use in their analysis. Students are supported in their research skills, analytical argumentation, and writing during this process.

In the 12th grade IB mod, students complete the culminating Collaborative Project, in which each student is assigned a singular production role and works as part of a team to develop and produce one 7-minute film. Students will also be supported in writing the 2000-word report that is an essential part of this assignment, reflecting on the group’s creative intentions, production process, and collaboration, as well as on the individual student’s contribution in a designated production role.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 5.0-6.0