IB HL Biology

This college-level course prepares students for the IB Higher Level (HL) Biology exam. Lecture-format classes are combined with frequent experiments to investigate all major topics in the IB HL Biology curriculum: cells; molecular biology; genetics; ecology; evolution and biodiversity; human physiology; nucleic acids; metabolism, cell respiration, and photosynthesis; plant biology; genetics and evolution; and animal physiology. Information is covered in detail and at a fast pace. Nightly homework typically includes reading a chapter in a college-level textbook, writing a lab report, completing review sheets, studying for weekly quizzes, or completing analysis of scientific studies with data-based questions. Occasional evening and/or weekend labs are required in order to fulfill IB lab expectations. The course includes a lengthy independent research project which is required as part of the IB’s Internal Assessment.

All students are required to take the IB HL Biology exam. Students must also attend a weekend-long IB science retreat, during which they complete an IB-style research project. Readings are assigned over most vacations, and students are required to complete a summer assignment in preparation for this class.

Open to: Seniors in the IB diploma program