IB HL Mathematics

The topics covered in this survey course are those of the IB HL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches syllabus, which includes all of the content of the SL Analysis and Approaches curriculum. Unlike AP math exams which focus exclusively on either calculus or statistics, the IB HL Mathematics exam requires an advanced level of mastery of a wide range of mathematical topics. Students in this course complete their study of the HL Mathematics curriculum by covering those syllabus topics which are not part of Advanced Algebraic and Geometric Analysis, Advanced Precalculus with Discrete Math, or AP Calculus – AB. The primary areas of focus are advanced integration techniques, differential equations, the calculus of sequences and series, and the probability and statistics portion of the HL Mathematics syllabus. There is an emphasis on learning to understand, use, and appreciate the value of the precise technical language (definitions, theorems, etc.) of mathematics. Students learn to discern situations in which technology can be a helpful tool in the solution of a problem. Graphing calculators are used extensively. Students are required to complete an IB exploration. The pace is intense. Students are expected to work as mathematicians do in that they are asked frequently to try problems without having been explicitly taught how to find the solutions. Excellent algebraic, graphing, and organizational skills are assumed, as is a very good understanding of trigonometry. All students are required to take the IB HL Math exam.

Students are required to complete a summer assignment in preparation for class.

(Not offered in 2020-21)

Open to: Seniors