IB HL World Literature 2/IB HL World Literature 2: Writer’s Focus

This course fulfills the expectations of the IB curriculum and prepares students for both the IB and AP exams. Students are expected to formulate complex and nuanced interpretations of literature independently and to question and challenge the interpretations of others. Excellent reading comprehension and attention to detail are assumed, as is the ability to move quickly to abstractions. Among the authors recently studied are Achebe, Austen, Chaucer, Conrad, Dostoyevsky, Greene, Kafka, the Romantic poets, Shakespeare, Sophocles, and Voltaire.

The Writer’s Focus version of the course considers literature with a view towards developing a more fully articulated understanding of the art and the craft of writing poetry, drama, and prose fiction. In addition to literary discussion, Writer’s Focus classes feature workshop-style critiquing sessions. Participants in the Writer’s Focus class should be committed creative writers who are comfortable having their work read aloud and critiqued by peers.

Students enrolled in this course must sit for the IB HL exam.

(This course will be offered for the final time in 2022-23. It will be replaced by IB HL English A: Literature.)

Open to: 12