IB SL Biology

This course prepares students for the IB Standard Level (SL) Biology exam. Lecture-format classes are combined with frequent experiments to investigate all major topics in the IB SL Biology curriculum: cells, molecular biology, genetics, ecology, evolution and biodiversity, and human physiology. An in-class dissection of a mammal provides hands-on experience with anatomy. Information is covered in detail and at a moderately fast pace. Nightly homework typically includes reading a chapter in a college-level textbook, writing a lab report, or preparing a presentation. Occasional evening and/or weekend labs are required in order to fulfill IB lab expectations. This course includes a lengthy independent research project which is required as part of the IB’s internal Assessment.

All students are required to take the IB SL Biology exam, usually offered in early May. Students must also attend a weekend-long IB science retreat, during which they complete an IB-style research project. Readings are assigned over most vacations, and students are required to complete a summer assignment in preparation for this class.

Open to: Juniors and seniors