IB SL Environmental Systems

This lab-driven, interdisciplinary course prepares students for the IB Environmental Systems & Societies exam. Students use systems thinking to explore ecosystems, energy and nutrient transformations, population dynamics, biodiversity, and the issues of climate change and pollution management. Students also investigate a range of environmental value systems with reference to specific environmentally-related decisions made locally and globally. Students should expect to work knee-deep in water or trudge through thick meadows, rain or shine, because fieldwork is central to understanding the environment. A summer assignment is required in preparation for the course, and this course can be taken over two years. All students are also required to participate in the IB Group 4 (IBG4) collaborative research project and complete an independent research project for the IB Internal Assessment.

Taking the external IB SL Environmental Systems and Societies exam is a requirement of this course.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 4.0-4.0