IB SL History: Rights, Protests & Revolutions

This course prepares students for the standard-level IB History exam. Students study selected topics that embrace key events, personalities, and issues in the history of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries including the industrial revolution and independence movements in India, Africa, and Latin America. The course has as its prescribed subject (an IB requirement) “Rights and Protest” which studies South African apartheid from 1948-1964 and the United States’ civil rights movement from 1954-1965. A major historical investigation project involving intensive research and mature writing is an IB requirement undertaken in the first two terms. The course proceeds at a fast pace and regular student participation is expected in the seminar-style classroom format. Substantial reading is regularly assigned from college-level texts. Students are required to take the IB examination in May. A summer assignment is required in preparation for this course.

(Not offered in 2021-22)

Open to: Juniors and seniors