IB SL Math: Analysis

The topics covered in this survey course are those of the IB SL Mathematics: Analysis and Approaches syllabus. The fundamentals of differential and integral calculus are covered. Topics include limits; continuity; understanding derivatives as functions, slopes, and rates of change; derivatives of polynomial, rational, trigonometric, exponential, and logarithmic functions; analysis of graphs; optimization; related rates; rectilinear motion; anti-differentiation; the Fundamental Theorem of Calculus; integration by substitution; and applications of integration to the area, volume, rectilinear motion, and accumulation problems. Statistics topics introduced in Intensive Precalculus are reviewed and extended. These include discrete random variables and normal distributions. Students complete an IB mathematics exploration in this class. Strong algebraic and graphing skills are assumed.

Students who enroll in this course must sit for the IB exam.

Min-Max Credit Hours: 3.0-3.0