IB SL Psychology

This course prepares students for the standard-level IB Psychology exam. Students will explore human behavior and mental processes through three separate lenses: a biological approach, a cognitive approach, and a sociocultural approach. The course will finish with an in-depth study of one of the following topics: abnormal psychology, developmental psychology, health psychology, or the psychology of human relationships. Throughout the year, students will become familiar with the various research methods and ethical concerns associated with the study of psychology. The internal assessment for this course will be the replication of a well-known psychological experiment and a report and reflection of the results. Due to the personal nature of the course, much of the material demands maturity and an ability to discuss difficult topics; students should consider this when selecting the course. Taking the IB SL Psychology exam in May is a requirement of the course.

A summer assignment is required in preparation for this course.

Open to: Juniors and Seniors