IB Visual Arts

Students may take IB Visual Arts in their junior and senior years. Students may choose from painting and drawing, ceramics, sculpture, graphic design, and photography programs. It is recommended that students stay in the same art program for two years, but students may request different art classes in the junior and senior year with permission from the instructor.

The IB exam contains three components: a Comparative Study, a Process Portfolio that documents their work, and an Exhibition of the student’s IB Visual Arts work. In the Comparative Study, students will discover, explore, and compare artwork to enrich their knowledge of art. In the Process Portfolio, students will explore and research their artistic theme while documenting their creative processes. The Exhibition component is a display of the student’s work, which needs to be completed by March of their senior year. The Exhibition is curated by the student with his or her instructor’s support.

Students enrolled in IB Visual Arts are required to attend the IB Seminar which includes visiting artist lectures and workshops that takes place on Thursdays during the Arts Block. Several field trips to galleries, museums, and craft shows will be facilitated on Sundays throughout the year.

Open to: Juniors and seniors