Intensive Algebra 2

Extending the skills developed in Algebra 1 and Geometry with Proofs, this course introduces new algebraic concepts that include rational expressions and equations; quadratic expressions, equations and inequalities; complex numbers; sequences and series; and the binomial theorem. There is a thorough discussion of the concepts relating to functions, including transformation of graphs and inverse functions. Polynomial, absolute value, logarithmic, and exponential expressions and functions are also studied. The course concludes with a review of right triangle trigonometry and an introduction to radian measure, the unit circle, and graphs of circular functions. Additional topics might include probability and combinatorics, statistics, and basic matrix operations. New topics are introduced daily. While many daily homework problems are similar to problems worked in class, others require students to apply what they know to new types of problems. Strong graphing, factoring, and note-taking skills are assumed.

Open to: Sophomores and juniors